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Complete Patient Care

Doctor Examining Baby

Before Arrival

One of the basic benefits of Medical tourism is to save cost and time and better treatment. Here at we provide knowledge and services to our foreign clients that will help them planning the treatment in advance. Before arrival in India we try to make sure all the basic formalities are complete and on arrival we should began with the treatment without any difficulties.

Here we help the clients getting doctor consultation, selection of doctor and hospital, accommodation and some tourism if permits.

Before arrival we cover all the major information to our patients like getting consult on there reports from various major doctors to get the best information to let patient evaluate the best option for them, help the patient in getting there medical visa and making them understand the procedure, helping them know the duration of there visit, arranging the best accommodation, fix the meeting with the concerned doctor and if possible helping in planning there itinerary if doctor and time permits to refresh there memories.

On arrival

We will receive you from airport on arrival in India and will help at our best to provide the best services to be fulfilled by us. Coming from a foreign country we will help you settling to the best of your interest. We give our main focus to execute as per planned for the best benefit of the client. We treat our patients as our family for a comfortable stay in the country.

From taking care on arrival at airport, taking patient to doctor for OPD, to helping them settle in there accommodation, to making sure the available of our concerned person with the patient during there visit to doctor and getting there tests to reports, to be in regular touch with the patients, keeping doctor in regular update with the patient progress, help the patient discharge and settle there bills in hospital as well as there guest house, if possible also help in exploring the country on doctor permission and according to there wish.


We like to be in touch with our clients after they depart back home after treatment. E We involves in chats and emails with our patients and keeping us update on the progress. If required arranged call and chats with the doctor if any clear up or information required.

We provide our patients, the complete medical attention and care they require. We offer you numerous medical packages to take care of your medical surgeries, transplants and treatments, at very affordable and reasonable costs. We arrange for special facilities for the patient as well as the attendants. We also assure a regular check up on the patient. We tend you to a smooth and caring recovery, with nurtured nursing care which makes you feel at home.